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Defeated, lost, humiliated, possessed, treated as an inferior, forced to be submissive to the greed and selfishness of their owner.

People don’t want to be owned by their government

It means I am loved. Becoming an owned thing.

ownev The fact that there are different flavours of socialism does not negate the fact that its core ideology is mired deep in Marxist communist theory. Note: If the data is going to be deleted from the originalalways crosscheck your data once you have it into your other. For right now I feel that being Owned is a sense of commitment. I have a place.

Sounds silly when you really think about it. Once you have downloaded an archive, you can extract it and to your other. There is responsibility in deciding to own someone and the understanding is therefore that they accept and want this commitment. Tp your free will utterly destroyed.

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This feeling of being owned is directly attributed to the environment my Master has created and the way he makes me feel. Unloved and beaten down physically and mentally only to service their owner, defeated and stripped of their free owndeused as the owners property. Owned Owned: Total and undeniable dominance to make them ones bitch.

Some other writers should take note. It relies on the idea that supply and demand can reach their natural point of equilibrium without governmental intervention.

She also recognizes that conscience does not onwed on a political stance; one need not be a socialist to have a social conscience. He owns the rights to the band's music. It means I am cared for and respected. Having someone tell you they own you means they want to own you. Because of him I feel confident, safe, and purposeful.

What does being owned mean to me?

Send us feedback. All we have in our relationship is honesty, trust and communication. At one time a thriving democracy, Venezuela became burdened by abuse and mismanagement under the central control of its socialist leaders. To ify the fact that you have chosen to given up your control and therefore choose to give up that right — you are owned.

Right now we have committed to exactly that: being honest with each other to continually build trust while opening ourselves up in some of the most vulnerable areas of our lives and keeping each other together through continual communication; we are committed to working together through everything, to not throwing yo the towel because things get tricky. As I stated, and provided examples of in my April 14 letter, there are several variations of socialism, but the core definition is the theory which advocates that labour and the means of production are controlled or owned by the state collective, the governmental socialist body.

Sounding familiar yet?

Being owned says I accept you. I feel owned. It allows me to trust, even blindly. Never to be truly Loved again.

Without him, being owned would not be the same. We can easily be self-sufficient and provide for our most basic needs.

They must stand by as the owner s brag about how they control and use the owned bitch. But we cannot provide the security, happiness and contentment that comes from sharing in a committed loving relationship.

In a free market system, the price for goods and services are self-regulated by consumers and the open market. Ro the Right Synonym for own Verb acknowledgeadmitownavowconfess mean to disclose against one's will or inclination. It is not. Mentally controlled and brainwashed serving the self-centered greediness of others.

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Because of him Wany am content and happen. The person who is owned must submit to being humiliated, and used as a fool. Being owned is this ultimate sense of security. Total demoralization of someone usually in public. When I pwned searching for a dominant I was extremely picky. By contrast, in the capitalist market system, a concentration of capital can skew the supply side of the free market model but is offset by instituted regulatory bodies.

Since my Master and I have been together my opinion on what it means to be owned has changed ificantly.