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Ernest looking for ladies

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Billy looing Worrell Ernest's cousin, a carny who operates the Scrambler at an amusement park, speaks to his patrons in rhyming jive, and dances to a disco beat.

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Ernest Scared Stupid Was released: 4th Should be: 9th Plot: Ernest laries a — wait for it — sanitation engineer and accidentally lets loose an evil troll it makes less dor in the movie. Ernest Saves Christmas Was released: 2nd Should be: 2nd Plot: Ernest drives a cab while helping a stranger who claims to be Santa Claus find a jolly replacement in the greater Orlando area and in time for the holidays.

What an epic ride, Ernest!

Originally the character was used to pitch various TV commercial products in the south, but soon blossomed into a character known around the world — okay, maybe just North America. In the Southeast, the Ernest character was the spokesman for Purity milk. But he also dreams of one day driving big rigs. She had thick glasses and cried a lot. But, really, is there anything more magical than finding a higher purpose in life through hard work and developing confidence?

Edit Storyline The title says it all. Thanks to Mike Sacks for the initial edits on this piece. She is absent in the episode "Pets", "Food", and "School".

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Using his newfound strength, he escapes from jail to reclaim his identity. Edit Storyline Bumbling Ernest P. Willie the Robot: A homemade robot with a bucket head and a '70s " Have a nice day " Smiley face. Stephani P.

The ernest movies, in proper order

Ace Worrell A fighter pilot who served in the army. Instead, he helps save the world through terrible puns and awful wordplay.

His first name is never revealed. While he frequently makes passes at attractive female patrons, he is in fact a married man with a teenage son and speaks with a normal voice outside of work. Lloyd was one of Varney's stand-up characters before the creation of Ernest; he was originally conceived as the Appalachian answer to a mountaintop guru with an obese wife named Ruth and an even more massive, indestructible eight-year-old son named Mistake.

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His relation to Ernest is unknown though he is believed to be a great uncle. Harry Potter had to leave Hogwarts.

Reason: Although Ernest is relatively the same age in all of his movies, going to school seems like the most appropriate place to kick-off our re-imagined order. Davy Worrell Ernest's light-headed great, great uncle who was a war veteran in the late 19th century.

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You can now watch all the full-length Ernest movies on YouTube. This can only turn out well. But when both Rene and the jewels are kidnapped, Lzdies must go to Africa to rescue them all. As in Indiana Jones, Ernest here travels across the globe to find treasure and the love of a good woman.

Ernest p. worrell

Auntie Nelda was also used as one of Dr. Family[ edit ] Ernest has a large family made up of people with similar traits to him, all of whom were portrayed by Jim Varney. When he feels he has a great idea, he would sometimes exclaim "Viola! Mac and George: Mac and his "roommate" George, an Iguana who supposedly can do many of the same things a person can. Phineas was unique among the known Worrell family in that he appeared to have a relatively serious disposition and appeared to be quite intelligent for the brief moment that he was shown.

Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam would sometimes be featured in his lab creating new things. The procedure is always the same: he places the meaty part of his hand over his mouth and blows a raspberry. His life-long dream of working his way up to the prestigious lady position is at last achieved when he is put in charge of a group of juvenile delinquents. By Joe Schiappa More than a few popular film franchises were released out of chronological order — the best examples are the four Indiana Jones movies introduced in and nearly ruined in and The Godfather trilogy starting in and ruined in Shorty Ernest's first dog.

He is a Bears fan, has virtually no thoughts on any substantive ernests shrugging his shoulders and responding "dunno" whenever asked is quite proud of the tattoo collection on his body. They only appeared in two episodes, "Pets" and "School. Otto and for Riddle of the Gloom Beamwhich introduced several supporting actors who would reappear throughout the Ernest franchise, including Bill ByrgeMyke R. Matt Finish: A self-described "photographer at large" who loves looking pictures of everything.

Otto's disguises in Dr. Ernest's Tongue: Ernest's tongue talks about certain tongue related things and gets sprayed with different kinds of food. In "Hobbies," the rules were both "They seldom stand. In the films and commercials, Ernest is usually portrayed as a confirmed bachelor with no children. She frequently complains about her son Izzy not visiting enough and laments that she always preferred her other son, Hymie, who predeceased her.

Lloyd Rowe Ernest's great uncle, a mean-spirited, impoverished Appalachian mountain man. A series of five feature-length comedies starred Ernest between andfollowed by four more direct-to-video entries; all nine were directed by either John Cherry or Coke Sams. Written by Anonymous.