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When he came back she was gone, along with a pound of his marijuana. February 18, at p. King and Black preachers are all of the same mind and that he, a white man, knows the minds of all three and may, therefore, ignore any appeals to change his behavior.

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King and Black preachers in general would not have had a problem with it. The story Doe told hospital employees was the same as the one she gave police.

In a subsequent article written by a local blogger, Mr. Doe said she had pain in her vagina and anus, but the exam revealed no ificant injuries.

The irony of a white man asserting his right to be in the space of a Black woman fir permission and then ignoring the requests of the Black woman NAACP president at an event intended to honor an assassinated Black hero should not be overlooked. Doe said she had met Anderson once before the alleged assault, but she was drunk at the time and her memory was hazy.

In his attempt to extract images for his own use, he demonstrated a perceived entitlement to the personal space of a Black woman. According to Anderson it was Jane Doe who contacted him by phone, and he went and picked her up. He left no room for the possibility that he might have overstepped even though this fact was repeatedly explained to him.

It should be noted that other members of the media were able to document the event and maintain a respectful distance, using zoom lenses if needed. In making his ruling, Wilson disagreed. Silverbrand was observed by several people behaving in a disrespectful and disruptive manner as he attempted to document the performance. Wilson said there was not enough evidence to show Anderson intended to force or persuade Jane Doe to become a prostitute.

She also repeated the to friends on social media.

More in opinion

Doe told police she was walking alone on Nov. The messages left with the front desk were not returned.

This was a Ereka display of white privilege. Silverbrand on two qomen to discuss this matter and was told by reception that he neither checks his s nor has a working voic. Silverbrand seemed unaware that the Black woman who asked him to step back, Sharrone Blanck, had been the co-emcee for the event and is the president of the Eureka NAACP. Instead they ended up in his apartment, she said, and Anderson sexually assaulted her.

Others would later recount their unease and surprise to observe this sort of behavior, including the performer who reported his continued proximity was uncomfortable and distracting and that she felt relief when the NAACP president moved somen assist her. The nurse who examined Doe testified today the girl had some bruising and scratches. Today Eureka police Detective Amber Cosetti, who arrested Anderson about a month later in the same apartment, said Anderson had a completely different story about what happened that afternoon.

This is further compounded by the racist and gendered dynamics of the interactions. Anderson was convicted several years ago of trafficking a year-old Humboldt County girl.

His lack of humility and respect was unfortunate and harmful. He also has a conviction for pimping. At the event, while the audience was seated, Mr. The Eureka NAACP is troubled as to why a member of the media, who purportedly cares deeply about his relationship and connection with others, would display such disregard for the impact his actions were having.

His singular purpose was paramount to him. Silverbrand eventually left, commenting to the president that Martin Luther King Jr.

This event honors the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He would later center himself and his feelings in this same article, playing the victim. About eight hours later she called from the hospital where she was being examined.

Silverbrand brushed her aside, ignored her direction and continued his actions. Silverbrand, which he continued to ignore. They also seized several books and some music CDs.

Today is not a good day to mess with Dave. They were hanging out at his place, he said, and he left to go get her some cigarettes.